Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How much do your signs cost?
A:  Because everything we make is custom, each job is priced individually.  If you have a vision of what you would like, you can estimate your own sign by using our Pricing information.  If you are unsure of what you’re looking for at this time, explore our Cabin, Business or Resort galleries for an idea of what is possible. 

Q:  Do you have a catalog?
A:  No. Our website galleries are the best place to see a wide variety of options.  Everything we do is custom so, if you can imagine it - we can make it. This also helps us conserve valuable resources.

Q:  Do I have to supply the design?
A:  No.  Creating a design is part of the price.  We welcome your input and are able to use your own artwork, logo, or pencil sketch.  However, we are equipped to build a design from scratch.

Q:  What are your signs made from?
A:  The most commonly used material is High Density Urethane (HDU).  See the Materials page for more info.

Q:  Can you ship your signs?
A:  Yes, all signs may be shipped nationwide.  The shipping cost is calculated by the size of the sign’s custom-made box and the destination.

Q:  Do you ship to Canada?
A:  Yes, we have shipped many signs to Canada.  The customer decides how the sign will be shipped: UPS or United States Postal Service.  The shipping cost is calculated by the size of the sign’s custom-made box and the destination.  Any charges incurred from customs, brokers or crossing the border are the responsibility of the customer.

Q:  Do you accept credit cards?
A:  Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and also Paypal.  Invoices are emailed through Paypal. 

Q:  How long does it take to get a sign?
A:  The standard turn-around time on an initial design proof is 10 days.  Once a design is finalized, the production time is typically 4 to 6 weeks.  We attempt to accommodate the customer however, rush charges may be incurred. 

Q:  Are your signs made to be outside?
A:  Every element of each sign is designed to be outside.  See Materials for more info.

Q:  Do you offer a warranty on your signs?
A:  Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty on our signs.  Our experience has taught us that if a sign is going to fail due to manufacturing, it typically happens within the first year of use.

Q:  What kind of maintenance is needed with your signs?
A:  For a vibrant appearance, a light cleaning is recommended at least once a year. Although, variations in climate and weather patterns may require cleaning more often.  Using a soft brush and soapy water, lightly clean all areas of the sign.  Rinse with clean water. Never use a pressure washer on signs.  Each sign is shipped with two containers of touch-up paint - one for the border and one for the background, if needed.

Q:  How do I install my sign?
A:  Installation services are available for customers located within 120 miles of our shop.  If you are located outside of this area, our Installation guidelines will provide you with directions for installation.  Customized recommendations can be provided if you send us pictures or drawings of where the sign will be installed.

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