Custom Sign Products

First impressions are very important.  A personalized sign will convey an image of quality for your home, cabin or business. 

The majority of our signs are sandblasted.  This process uses pressurized sand to “blast” away the background material from a sign.  There are many types of textures available with sandblasting.  Our most popular background texture is the wood-grain as represented in Reel Estate.  Another nice texture available is the look of sand or cast metal. A wonderful example of this texture is CalienteTextures may also be combined for a unique blend as seen in Beach Retreat.  The textures can also be altered by hand chiseling the surface to resemble weathered or distressed wood as seen in Field Master.  Sandblasting can limit how small letters and details can be; however, those limitations are minimal. A sandblasted sign is then painted with a high quality acrylic paint to the design specifications.  Sandblasted signs can range from one square foot up to four by eight feet.

CNC (Computer Numeric Control) routering uses a specialized blade to engrave letters or symbols into the sign material leaving the background raised.  This process is enhanced with 23 karat gold leaf applied to the routered area. The gold reflects light for greater visibility, highlights the detail of the letters, and creates a distinguished impression. A CNC routered sign can be easily accented with a landscape design, sandblasted textures or a three-dimensional, hand-carved piece such as that on Springbrook.  Explore the following signs for examples of the myriad of ways a CNC routered sign can accent your property: Camp Shadow North, Natures Harmony, 15 Ryan Lane, Boundary Waters Outfitters, Mark Jurkovich DDS, Awakenings, Deborah Sussex.

High-Density Urethane Foam, or HDU is the most widely used material at Border Country Sign Co.  Don’t let the word “foam” mislead you. This material is extremely durable and resistant to decay.  Sign-makers around the world have switched to this material for its ease of use, wide range of finishes and its long life.  HDU does not absorb moisture and has proven an unparalleled resistance to damage from the environment.  This material will not shrink, warp, crack or rot like many wood products.  Additionally, paint adheres more permanently to HDU than real wood, ensuring that your signs vibrancy will last for years.  The paint of choice at Border Country Sign Co. is Sherwin Williams SuperPaint, a high quality acrylic latex blend.  For more information and composition data on this sign material, please visit the manufacturer’s website at

Border Country Sign Company is fully equipped to produce vinyl design work for various applications.  Vinyl can be used to create vehicle graphics, banners, window lettering, recreational vehicle and boat license numbers as well as smaller detailed plaques on foam signs.  This service is an excellent way to create logo or directional accompaniments to a foam sign to enhance your property’s way-finding system or identify equipment. Explore the following samples for ideas on how to use vinyl in your design or project: Shoreview, Mt. Galbraith, Canadian Border Outfitters, Spinning Wheel Alpacas.

We are excited to be able to offer life-sized or over-sized three-dimensional sculptures for your holiday display, interpretive exhibit or business.  Let your imagination guide you! These sculptures are carved out of a dense Styrofoam and then sealed with a protective covering which dries to a hard shell.  The object is then painted and coated with a weather sealant for maximum durability in outdoor conditions.  Projects are currently underway and finished products will be posted in the near future. Please check back with us in our Sculptural gallery.

Sand carving is a form of sandblasting that is used on material that is much harder than foam such as stone or glass.  We have a variety of materials available including slate, granite, tile, pottery and glass. Don’t forget that special rock you collected while on vacation or while visiting a special place.  This technique is a unique way to carry your logo or special message throughout your property or business, to commemorate a major event or remember a beloved pet.  Monogram a set of wine glasses for a wedding gift or order specially designed pint glasses for your cabin kitchen - don’t limit yourself! Projects are currently underway and finished products will be posted in the near future. Please check back with us in our Sculptural gallery.

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