The Artist

I am the owner, operator, creator, sculptor, and painter at Border Country Sign Co. This year (2012) marks my 16th year in business. I am an artist by trade, by talent and by choice as this is my dream job. I graduated from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota with a degree in Studio Art. It was there that I began to love the art world and appreciate the importance of good design and layout. The business has flourished, with new ideas happening all the time.

In 2001, I moved myself, my business and my dog, Ranger, to Ely, Minnesota. My parents are both from this area and I have been coming up here all my life. I always knew that I wanted to live and work in Ely. When the opportunity presented itself to move here, I took advantage of it.

I have two beautiful children. Lillian was born in February 2007 and Sadie followed in July 2008.  It’s been a crazy few years but things are all falling into place. Life does not get any better than doing what you love for a living, living where you've always dreamed of and sharing it with an amazing family.

Kara Polyner

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